I'm sorry for that.
But this blog will be closed.
Because of I haven't just more mind and time to practise an blog in english. My german blog will be survive furthermore.
It's just the english version that will be closed.

So Bye

30.10.07 19:16


Yeah I know I had'nt blogged for a long time.
It is so because I have a virus on my computer, my parents did'nt let me on the computer and I had much to do with learning for school.

I argued me with Mandy because I think I needn't it to let me attack from her. But then we arranged it anyway.
I was on 2 Birthday partys. Once with Maik and Isa on Tanja's and Anna-Maria's Birthday.. that was last saturday. It was a lot of fun.
And I was nor at Caro's Birthday party yesterday. It was a lot of fun, too. We made a night walking tour in the middle of nowhere. It was totally funny because I didn't knew where we were.. xD

I'm almost ready with the first Layout for the member contest. But there's a snak with the code. It is fairly shit, because I don't know how I could code the scripts and all.. -.-

Bye Linlin

29.9.07 18:21

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