Freaky Saturday

Boah. Yesterday it was a freaky day.
Pretty much everything is leaning done what could be leaning.
First I realized that I forgot my bus ticket, which will be check in the afternoon from the busman, at the busstop in the morning. I had the ticket the day before done in my art folder. That was certainly really stupid of me.
In the german lesson I didn't announce that I forgot my german book at home by the teacher. Then we must search something in our book "der kaukasische Kreidekreis" (a german book). Next I wanted to know what is the time. So I grabbed careful my mobile phone and wanted to unfasten the cable of my Mp3-Player mobile phone. But I did'nt notify that it was online all the time since I heard music on it in the moring at the bus. The music which thouded out of it was total noisy because the loud speaker turned on. I was so frightened that I did'nt know how I could turn off the music in this moment. When I turned of the music my hole class and my teacher stare at me. Next some began to bawl.
I said a really quite "excuse me" to my teacher. But he came to me and wanted to accept my mobile phone. I tried to explain it but he did'nt listen to me. It was him immaterial. Instead of that he wanted to speak with me after the lesson. After the lesson he wanted me to write an arrangement of two books.

But later in the bus it works out with my ticket. I got a ticket from another pupil. :D

In the evening I went to the birthday party of Franzi. It was wow1

So bye Linlin


Edit: I have a new Update for you. I made it for the membercontest:

3 Icons


& 1Signature

& 32 Icon Bases

I hope you like it.
Write some comments.


8.9.07 13:30

Big Sorry

Sorry for not posting soo long.
But I go to school again. And I have much to work.
But I promise I'll come back again with some new artwork.

'Cause in the moment I work on an exercise for a membercasting by another designblog. I have not much time to work on it because i must work so much for school and i don't really fancy to sit the rest of time in my leisure at the computer.

Now I'm going...

2.9.07 17:34

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