May Day

Welcome to my blog.
I thought I could write my blog
in English, too.
Still for these Peoples,
which speak english or french or something.
I must excuse me for my english.
It's not perfect.
But nobody's english is perfect.
Maybe it will me become better in english,
if I write even a blog in english.
So this is my first entry in this english-blog.
And it' a kind of hard for me...^^
But I hope you will like it
to learn something over my life in
a tongue you can understand.
But I  must go now to complete this website.
Love Socke

1.5.07 19:40

Do you want to speak dutch?

Yeah I know^^
It’s a stupid headline.
But what should I do?!
So at first I woke up this morning at 4 am and hereafter I can’t  fall sleep again.
Just the last half-hour before I must tumble up!
And that I overslept certainly. *drop*
Then I hopped out of my bed at 6:45 am and made me ready for this day.
We (my mother and me) had to pick Jonas and Jule up.
We have made it in time. =)
The drive to Oldenzaal was partial funny, (it was rainy weather) because the pupils from Losser and its victinay had to ride by bicycle.
So we found out, who was wet, had to ride by bicylce.
The arrival was hot, cause all there was so big!
The school builing looked as “Hogwarts” from Harry Potter.
The stones are darksome right and it had very heigh towers.
In that you can lose one’s way haha.
The exchange students were partial nice to us.
We had to solve tasks with our dutch partner.
That we had to do in the class room (which had a big terrarium with 3 iguanas and some insects) and in the computer room.
In honesty:
You feel like you are in a zoo, but not to have a look at something, but rather you will viewed yourself by the dutch pupils.
With about 1500 pupils at that school was the break hall according tight.
You could barely move. And next you would push around from somebody. But these peoples probably don’t reckoned that I beatback haha.
I’m small but mighty.
Later we were fetched by Tina’s father and we would deflate right on the doorstep.
What a service if you mind that the dutch had to ride by bicycle in all weathers.
In the afternoon I laid down and slept for a half hour cause I was really logy.
I had imagined that the day would be worse and I don’t expected that I would speak so much dutch.^^
But it’s a good exercise for my dutch-exam next week on thursday and wednesday
Tomorrow it  will happen pretty much  the same like today save that the dutch will come tu us.
Bye Linlin

7.5.07 19:53

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