All together

Sorry that i didn't post the last week or 2?!.
So I collect it all in this post.
I had much to do for school, I often met my friends and celebrated my Birthday Party on Friday night. It was so much fun. All my friends were there.
I love ya so much *kiss*.
But I've made 3 Blends, 1 Icon and 1 Layout for you.

Because of you          Avril Lavigne              Summer

>>Golden Gate Bridge

Hope you like it.
Do you comment?

Bye Linlin

10.6.07 17:30

Have A Break

Hey Guys!

Sorry for not posting so long. But I hadn't time. And I have no more time to do this. But just for 2-3 weeks. I think I need a rest.
I have many problems in my life first of all in my school. My marks aren't good. So I decided it so that I take a break.
I hope you can understand it.

greetz Linlin

25.6.07 13:38

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