Thursday, 20.09.07

It isn't summer but it is'nt autumn.
But I have a Layout for you with spring fever.
I hope you like it because I think it's beautiful.

I'm done for the 2nd round by the membercasting.
The next exercise is that I had to design and code 2 Layouts in 2-3 weeks.
I hope I make it in that time.
Wish me luck.

Boah my friend Mandy will fly to mailand with the chorus of sixth form tomorrow.
They'll go into the Skala and sing in a school like our school.
I thought about what I could do at the weekend. But noone had time for me. But then it crossed my mind that I was invited to an birthday party of two girls Tanja and Anna-Maria. I could bring someone with me so that I would knew someone of the party. :D I took Maik with to the party. Thank you <3.

Bye Linlin

20.9.07 20:08

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