Yeah I know I had'nt blogged for a long time.
It is so because I have a virus on my computer, my parents did'nt let me on the computer and I had much to do with learning for school.

I argued me with Mandy because I think I needn't it to let me attack from her. But then we arranged it anyway.
I was on 2 Birthday partys. Once with Maik and Isa on Tanja's and Anna-Maria's Birthday.. that was last saturday. It was a lot of fun.
And I was nor at Caro's Birthday party yesterday. It was a lot of fun, too. We made a night walking tour in the middle of nowhere. It was totally funny because I didn't knew where we were.. xD

I'm almost ready with the first Layout for the member contest. But there's a snak with the code. It is fairly shit, because I don't know how I could code the scripts and all.. -.-

Bye Linlin

29.9.07 18:21

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