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My name is Malin. I am 15 years old and my birthday is on May 31st 1991. I am german so I live in germany (north-west). I go to a secondary school in the 10th class.

I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. But now my hair is colored. There are blond and red hanks and the rest of my hair is a medley of brown and black xD. I am 1,75 metres tall and my shoe size is 42 1/2. I am a nonsmoker. I have 1 sister in class 6 at my school.


I have a lot of nicknames called Linlin, MaMA, Maus, Süße or Socke but the most called me Malin or Linlin. Linlin is the final syllable of Malin and mulitlied by two.


I have a lot of good friends. But my best friends are Katharina, Michelle, Timo and Lukas. They makes me always laugh and are always there for me. I am in luck to have so good friends. Love you all so much *kiss*.


It's unfrugal to describe yourself:
I am shy, dreamly, confused and thoughtful. But sometimes i am changed beyond recognition. Then I am crazy, playful but even stolid. My friends said to me that I become more self-confident in the last months.


My hobbies are to design, to read, to paint, to phone, to meet my friends and to work on the computer.


I like music, my friends, my family (sometimes haha), arts, concerts, piercings, design, boys, vans, chucks, acrylic paint, guitars

I dislike show-offs, lies, maths, latin, school, nazi, teacher, nags and assholes.

Fave Bands:

Simple Plan, Lostprophets, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Blink182, +44, Softdrink, Fall out Boy, Linkin Park, Incubus, Panic! at the disco, Billy Talent, die Ärzte, die Toten Hosen, Jimmy Eat World, Fotos, Madsen,

 ICQ?: 325-196-018
momentaner ICQ Status - grün=online, rot=offline

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